Guqin-fashioning Workshop


The building is located at the north-west corner of the culture village.  In this building, there are rooms for researches on the material for Guqin, lab for the testing of the special string Longren uses on its Guqin, room of woodcraft, room of lacquer, and studios of masters.  It is the most professional Guqin-fashioning workshop in China.

Longren Academy


The beginning of systematic academic training can be traced back to Tang Dynasty.  For more than a thousand years, academies have played an indispensable role in the inheritance and development of Chinese traditional culture. It is in these academies that scholars immerse in and nurture the Chinese spirit. 

Longren Academy can boast itself for its uniqueness.  It has not only volumes of books for the feast of the mind, but also melodious music for the feast of the heart.  Tranquility, an ideal state of human mind highly praised by Chinese philosophy, is sure to be realized here when both mind and heart are satisfied. 

The campus of Longren Academy has buildings for lectures, library, lecture hall and music hall.  The academy devotes itself to the education of traditional Chinese culture while placing the culture of Guqin at the center of all its concerns.  A variety of activities such as reading club, lectures, forums, art exhibitions and concerts can be held on campus.

Longren Institution of Guqin

As the most outstanding representative of the art of Chinese instrumental music, art of Guqin includes the making of Guqin, choice of design, string, notation, melody, song, person who plays the Guqin, different schools of Guqin, associations of Guqin, theory and history of Guqin, etc..  Based on the study of all the above mentioned aspects, Tao of Qin, the philosophy of Guqin art came into being.

The institution invites and welcomes top Guqin maestros and scholars, thus with joint efforts, progresses specified researches on subjects such as the making of Guqin, notation transmission and course design. 

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